Miss Julia Stirs Up Trouble (#14) by Ann B. Ross

miss julia stirs up trouble

Pages: 272

Publisher: Viking

Published: April 9, 2013

Bless her heart, Miss Julia has done it again! Trying to help Hazel Marie out with the twins after James, Hazel Marie’s live in help, falls down the stairs and injures himself Miss Julia decides it is time to teach Hazel Marie how to cook. If you are a fan of Miss Julia you know where it is going. Witches in windstorms, strange women riding in cars with Mr Pickens, African lotteries and a whirlwind of a Granny. Hold onto to your plates because you are in for a wild ride in Miss Julia Stirs Up Trouble.

Anytime I need a pick me up in my reading I head to the Miss Julia series. I know I’m guaranteed to get out of my poor me spirits. Usually by the 14th book in a series I’m getting a little burned out. Ann B. Ross knows how to keep the energy going in this series.

A great read for a weekend getaway.


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