Beach House for Rent (Beach House #4) by Mary Alice Monroe

beach house for rent

Pages: 417

Publisher: Gallery Books

Published: 6/20/17

Let’s start off with me saying Mary Alice Monroe is my favorite voice in Southern contemporary literature. Her words make magic before your eyes. You find yourself sitting on the porch of the perfect beach house experiencing the story not just reading it.

In Beach House for Rent, Cara has decided to rent Primrose Cottage in order to make ends meet for her and Brett. We join them roughly five years after Swimming Lessons ends. This is where Heather enters, she is the renter. She comes to SC to work on her stamp commission for the USPS and to work on her fear of leaving the house. A horrible tragedy befalls Cara and she finds she must return to the beach house to find herself again.

Be warned, book four in the Beach House series is a heart tugger several times. Tissues were my best friend. You will fall in love with all the characters, new and old, and find you have made new friends.

I only have one complaint and it is personal. I wanted to see Toy more and have updates on how she and Little Louie were doing not just a couple of paragraphs towards the end of the book. You is as much The Beach House as Emma, Flo and Cara.

The question I’ve been asked the most do you have to read in order with this series. Here is the order I read them in (not the official order they are to be)

1. Beach House
2. Swimming Lessons
3. Beach House for Rent
4. Beach House Memories

Thank you to NetGalley and Gallery Books for an ARC copy for my own honest opinion.

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