I am a wife, stepmom, daughter, and substitute teacher. I have been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. You will seldom see me without a book or e-reader attached to me. I will read almost anything but my absolute favoritesĀ are Amish Fiction and Cozy Mysteries.

I believe as long as you are reading you are enriching yourself and keeping your brain healthy. I don’t care if it is a book that is only 100 pages long or an audiobook. As a true book nerd, books are books no matter the length or format.

You will find reviews on any book I read. It could be a 12 page children’s book to a 1,000 page epic. I hope to bring new authors to those that read my blog.

I don’t post a review on every book I read so to see all my books visit me atĀ  www.goodreads.com

Thank you for taking the time and visiting my blog. Enjoy!

Happy Reading my friend.