The Body in the Beauty Parlor (A Jazzi Zanders #6 by Judi Lynn

Pages: 204

Publisher: Lyrical Press

Published: March 2, 2021

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Hoopla (Public Library App) Audiobook

Available Formats: Digital, Audio, and Paperback

My Review: Wow, there was so much going on in this book and it kept my interest from beginning to end. I finished in less than 24 hours as I was hooked.

I opted to listen to the audiobook through my library’s Hoopla app and was not disappointed. The narrator was wonderful. Perfect accent for Indiana and read all parts with the correct tone.

I found it very interesting that the last several books have focused on babies and Jazzi keeps saying “in the future.” Hmm…could it happen sooner than later? I’m all for it as long as Jazzi keeps being represented as a strong woman with a career. I wish I had even half her talent as a remodeler.

Book six takes place around Easter and has two main murders and a cold case. The author did great in connecting them in different ways.

A quick entertaining read for cozy mystery lovers.

Goodreads: In addition to her house-flipping talents, Jazzi Zanders is breaking ground as a sleuth. But she’s going to need every tool at her disposal to solve two crimes . . .

In their hair salon, Jazzi’s sister Olivia and mother are savvy businesswomen whose creativity brings fashion and flair to the folks of Rivers Bluff, Indiana. So when their newest hairstylist Misty is caught scamming clients’ debit cards and selling beauty products during off hours to pocket the profits, Olivia fires her. But Misty retaliates by hitting back with a defamation lawsuit—which she is more than happy to drop if Olivia pays her ten grand.

But neither blackmail nor courtroom fees are accrued after Misty’s body is discovered in the salon with Olivia’s scissors stuck in her chest. Olivia may be the number one suspect, but her murdered employee had a reputation for making enemies.

Then Jazzi’s ex Chad appears, asking for help with his marital strife. This already awkward situation worsens when Chad’s wife vanishes and the police investigate him. Now, it’s up to Jazzi to clear both her sister’s and ex’s names while the killer—or killers—could be a mere hair breadth’s away . . . 

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