The Summer of Lost Letters from Hannah Reynolds

Pages: 384

Publisher: Razorbill

Published: June 15, 2021

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Hardcover from Local Public Library and Audiobook through Libby from Local Public Library

Available Formats: Digital, Audio, and Hardcover

My Review: I love books that are about World War 2 and am a sucker for books that deal with found letters. This would have been a book that I would have devoured in my teens so it was no surprise I devoured it now. It was even better that it took place in Nantucket which is a city that I am in love with currently. It was neat to see it from a teenager’s view versus the adult view I normally read.

A great view on WWII from a stateside angle. I could not imagine coming to America as a child knowing no one and realizing you would never see your parents again. I can only imagine how hard it would be to talk about the horrors you saw as a child and the grief you felt.

I would recommend it for older teenagers but with a warning that there is a few adult scenes (or what I think are adult, I realize teenagers now are more grown-up) and some language.

From Goodreads: Perfect for fans of Morgan Matson and Ruta Sepetys, this sweet, summery romance set in Nantucket follows seventeen-year-old Abby Schoenberg as she uncovers a secret about her grandmother’s life during WWII.

Seventeen-year-old Abby Schoenberg isn’t exactly looking forward to the summer before her senior year. She’s just broken up with her first boyfriend and her friends are all off in different, exciting directions for the next three months. Abby needs a plan–an adventure of her own. Enter: the letters.

They show up one rainy day along with the rest of Abby’s recently deceased grandmother’s possessions. And these aren’t any old letters; they’re love letters. Love letters from a mystery man named Edward. Love letters from a mansion on Nantucket. Abby doesn’t know much about her grandmother’s past. She knows she was born in Germany and moved to the US when she was five, fleeing the Holocaust. But the details are either hazy or nonexistent; and these letters depict a life that is a bit different than the quiet one Abby knows about.

And so, Abby heads to Nantucket for the summer to learn more about her grandmother and the secrets she kept. But when she meets Edward’s handsome grandson, who wants to stop her from investigating, things get complicated. As Abby and Noah grow closer, the mysteries in their families deepen, and they discover that they both have to accept the burdens of their pasts if they want the kinds of futures they’ve always imagined.

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