The Plain Choice: A True Story of Choosing to Live an Amish Life by Sherry Gore

Pages: 179

Publisher: Zondervan

Published: August 25, 2015

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Amazon Digital

Available Formats: Digital, Audiobook, Hardcover, and Paperback

My Review: I am fascinated with Plain life. Could I live it? No, but I love the premise of it. Sometimes I wish I could live without all the “noise” modern-day living brings with it. Go days without picking up my phone for one reason or another.

I learned of Sherry Gore through a 3 book fiction series set in Pinecraft, FL written by her and Tricia Goyer. So when I saw this book I was very interested. I knew she had a daughter who died young but didn’t understand why.

This book also hit home as I didn’t realize she lived in Kentucky for a few years and Felicity, Ohio. My college roommate went to school in Felicity. Such a small world. Sherry also lost close friends in the horrific accident on 65 when a semi hit a van full of Plain people. I remember hearing about it that day and crying. So many beautiful lives lost.

This book is not for the faint of heart as there are triggers (abortion, drug overdose, death of a child) but is a very moving read.

From Goodreads: Raised in a broken family and emotionally overlooked, Sherry Gore grew up without a solid foundation, a prisoner of her own poor choices, and at times without hope.  A series of terrible mistakes left her feeling wrecked and alone and a sudden tragedy threw Sherry into an emotional tailspin too powerful to escape.

Sherry hangs by a thread, unable to see how she can go on living, until it happens: on a morning of no particular significance, she walks into a church and BAM the truth of Jesus’ forgiving love shatters her world and cleaves her life in two:  She goes to bed stunned; she wakes up a Christian.

Unwilling to return to the darkness of her former life, Sherry attacks her faith head on.  Soon the life Sherry Gore remakes for herself and her children as she seeks to follow the teachings of the Bible features head coverings, simple dress, and a focus on Jesus Christ.  Only then does she realize, in a fit of excitement, that there are others like her.  They are called Amish and Mennonite, and she realizes she has found her people.

The plain choice that Sherry makes is not easy – and life still brings unexpected pain and heartache – but it changes everything for her, as she becomes one of the few people on earth to have successfully joined the Amish from the outside. 

She has found her place. And her story proves that one can return from the darkest depths to the purest light with the power of God.

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