A Deadly Deletion (A Booktown Mystery #15) by Lorna Barrett

Pages: 336

Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group

Published: July 27, 2021

Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5 stars

Source: NetGalley

Available Formats: Audio, Digital, and Hardcover

My Review: What the what? This book kept me surprised from beginning to end. This is a series that I will not read anything about the new book until after I finish reading it. I like the surprise of what it is going to be about. I was in no way prepared for all the happenings that occurred. I am still in shock and surprise.

We see sides of characters that you would never expect. What I will say, is what we see makes the characters and their lives seem very real.

I am very interested in seeing how Tricia moves forward and what is next.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, Berkley Publishing Group, through NetGalley. All opinions expressed above are entirely my own.

From NetGalley: A murder leads to a string of shocking revelations for bookstore owner Tricia Miles in the latest entry to Lorna Barrett’s New York Times bestselling Booktown series. 

Tricia Miles has just received a second marriage proposal within fifteen minutes. The first was from her friend with benefits, Marshall Chambers, and the second from her ex-lover, police chief Grant Baker. Tricia’s got some serious thinking to do.

She’s still weighing her options when she hears the sound of an engine roaring down Main Street. It’s a big white pickup truck that aims for and hits Marshall as he’s walking back to his apartment. Tragically, he’s killed, leaving Tricia feeling bereft and guilty. She retreats to her sister, Angelica’s, apartment to wait for Baker to update her on what happened. While there, Tricia takes Angelica’s dog out for a comfort call behind the building, and the same white pickup roars up the alley and just misses hitting Tricia.

Still shaken by that news, Tricia returns to Haven’t Got a Clue and is met by federal marshal Kirby, who tells her that Marshall had been in the Federal Witness Protection Program. Everything Marshall told Tricia was a lie—in particular, that he was a widower. Was his death an act of revenge?

Tricia’s on the hunt for a killer, and it seems like she might be next on the list.

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