A Broth of Betrayal (Soup Lovers’ Mystery #2) by Connie Archer

Pages: 278

Publisher: Berkley

Published: April 2013

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Paperback from Personal Library

The locals in Snowflake, Vermont are unhappy with a builder with ties to the town erecting a car wash in town. During the protest, a body is found but it looks to be very old. While the body is being exhumed a local has been killed and the mayor has gone missing. Will Lucky find out what is happening before she becomes the next victim?

I was a little apprehensive starting this series, especially since I started with book two. I had heard a lot of negative chatter regarding book one. Well, book two was a great read. A lot was going on and I had to keep the storylines straight with a few written notes. I am not sure I have read a cozy mystery with three murders and kidnapping before.

There are cold soup recipes included. They are not my cup of soup but I am sure they will tickle someone’s fancy. The peanut butter soup sounds interesting.

I plan on continuing this series.

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