Our Darkest Night by Jennifer Robson

Pages: 377

Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks

Published: January 2021

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Overdrive (Libby) via Public Library

What would you do to stay safe and survive one of the most horrific wars in history? Antonina, an Italian Jew, must follow her father’s wishes and leave Venice with her new “husband” for a life she has no clue how to live. We follow Nina and she learns how to survive.

Our Darkest Night was a powerful and moving read. I am a sucker for historical fiction especially ones set in World War 2. I finished this earlier this month and I am still thinking about everything Nina and Nico experienced. I am ashamed to admit I did not much about what the Italians experienced in World War 2. This book gave me an insight.

I suggest reading this with a box of tissues.

Triggers: Rape, Murder, Genocide, Physical Violence, Death of family

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