Cottage by the Sea by Debbie MaComber


Pages: 352 (eBook)

Publisher: Random House Publishing

Published: July 17, 2018

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Annie is learning to adjust to life without her entire family. After eighteen months she has decided to go to one the place that she remembers from her childhood as a time of love and happiness. Will this place be the healing Annie needs?

A beautiful story or healing and love. You not only have healing from a personal tragedy, you have healing of a past that has frozen one to life of agoraphobia, and healing of animals that bring comfort and joy to all they touch.

I appreciate how Debbie Macomber can write about love without smutting it up. She keeps it clean and respectful. Her characters can argue nd get their point across without throwing out curse words every other word. You can rest assured that an impressionable young woman can read this book and walk away without being shocked.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Random House Publishing through NetGalley. Any and all opinions expressed in the above review are entirely my own.

2 thoughts on “Cottage by the Sea by Debbie MaComber

  1. I’ve heard this book is good. I really enjoyed your review. I have to admit that I’ve tried reading a couple of Macomber books and they were a little boring to me, but this one sounds like one I’d enjoy. I do like that she doesn’t use profanity and all that.
    Thanks for the great review Angela!! 😉

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    • Thanks for stopping by! Debbie has always been one of my go-to authors when I need a good clean read with romance and a happy ending. I like her Cedar Cove series and Blossom Street series. I have not read the Rose Harbor series yet. On my TBR list. LOL.

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