Before and Again by Barbara Delinksy


Pages: 416 (eBook)

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Published: June 26, 2018

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Let me start off with this statement: You will be thinking “what if that had been me” the entire time you are reading. It will make you think about your own distracted driving and letting your kids have their privacy with their own electronics.

Maggie Reid used to be Mackenzie Cooper in another life. Maggie, as everyone knows her in her small Vermont town, lives a quiet but fulfilled life. She works at the local spa as a makeup artist and lives with her two cats and dog on the outskirts of town. No one knows her past, that is until closet friend’s son is arrested for computer hacking. As Maggie becomes the stability her friend needs her own life starts spiraling out of control. Will she be able to keep her past in the past?

I am still thinking about this book days after I have finished. We all know the dangers of looking at our smartphones while driving. What we don’t always think about is what could happen to our lives if we cause a serious accident while doing so. We don’t think about the legal implications that could stem from the accident. We don’t think about the guilt that would eat us up from the inside outside. We don’t think how it would affect our family, close and extended. Maggie makes you think about all those things.

Barbara Delinsky is one of the greatest women’s fiction writers out there and this is the perfect summer read to pick up as you leave for vacation. Beware as you read you will not hear anything around you and you may forget you are cooking dinner.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from St. Martin’s Press through NetGalley. Any and all opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

3 thoughts on “Before and Again by Barbara Delinksy

  1. Excellent review!! This book sounds amazing, especially since I was scolding a friend yesterday for looking at her phone while driving. 😤
    But is there a ghost in this story? I hope not because I want to read it, but I don’t read books with ghosts. 😔

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