An Amish Family Christmas (A Charmed Amish Life #4) By Shelley Shepard Gray

an amish family christmas.jpg

Pages: 320 (Large Print Library Binding Hardback)

Publisher: Center Point Large Print

Published: December 1, 2016

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Levi Kinsinger has had the hardest time of all the Kinsinger’s coming to terms with his father’s death at the family lumber mill. He has just recently returned from Florida after working construction down there for a short time. He has moved from the family home to Jupiter Street to have some quiet and space from his family.

Julia Kemps lives with her young daughter across the street from Levi but has kept to herself for various reasons. Levi needs someone to help clean his house before his family comes to visit and Julia needs extra money to get a doll her daughter wants. What Levi doesn’t realize is he is about to lose his heart. Can he trust Julia or is she keeping a secret from him that will destroy their friendship?

Julia’s daughter, Penny, will steal your heart like she stole Levi’s. Her character was so charming you expected to look up from your book and see her standing in front of you with her cute smile and teddy bear.

This was my favorite book of all “A Charmed Amish Life” series. I think it is because every story line was tied up by the end of the book. Each book can be read as a stand alone but you will have a few questions if you read out of order. These books are short enough that one can read a book a weekend. I suggest starting from the first one and not stopping until you have read all four.

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