A Plain Leaving (The Sisters of Lancaster County #1) by Leslie Gould

a plain leaving

Pages: 352

Publisher: Bethany House

Published: October 3, 2017

A fresh new approach to Amish fiction. Leslie Gould has taken Amish fiction to a new level and has excelled.

Jessica left her family for the English world three years ago and family tragedy has brought her back. Her older brother, Arden, is dead set against her returning to the farm. The brother and sister have never agreed on how the farm should run. Arden wants to allow fracking and Jessica is against as she knows the dangers. Will Arden be able to see past Jessica’s shunning to listen to her or will Jessica need to convince her Mamm that Arden is going against their Dat’s wishes?

Yes, this novel has the common themes of Amish novels such as shunnings, farming, distrust of the English world but it tackles new subjects of fracking and wanting to get the law involved to help others.

If you like a little more to your stories than just a complicated romance this is a book for you. You will be left hungering for more. I know I was. I am anxious to learn what the second book tackles and which characters will become the main characters. I am also interested to go back and look at her other works and start reading.

A refreshing, new approach to one of my favorite genres. I hope you take a chance and read A Plain Leaving by Leslie Gould.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bethany House for a copy of the book to read and review in exchange for a review based on my own honest opinion and in my own words.

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