Journey Back to Christmas by Leigh Duncan

journey back to christmas

Pages: 154

Publisher: Crown Media Holdings

Published: October 17, 2017

I loved this Christmas movie when it debuted last year on the Hallmark Channel so I was very excited to learn of the ebook based on the movie. If you enjoyed the movie you will enjoy the book. It will leave you feeling warm and happy.

The book does expand in some areas more than the book but the book stays true to the movie (words I have never uttered before). You love the characters even more after reading the book. Hanna is a nurse in 1945 mourning the loss of her husband Chet. A blizzard is starting to hit the town on December 22 which is the same night as a comet is to cross the sky. As Hanna is settling in for the night a lost dog wonders up to her house and sets off a chain of events that sends her the year of 2016. As Hanna is trying to figure out if she will ever return to her life she learns how her life of caring has affected others in ways she never dreamed.

As always I suggest reading the book then watch the movie. You will be in the Christmas spirit at the end of both.

Thank you to NetGalley and Crown Media Holdings for a copy to read in exchange for a review based on my own thoughts and put into my own words.

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