A Simple Vow (Simple Gifts #1) by Charlotte Hubbard

a simple vow.jpg

Pages: 315

Publisher: Zebra

Published: May 31, 2016

Could you see yourself taking in twin babies that are no relation to you and to care for them with limited questions asked? Edith Riehl does that very thing when she interrupts two Amish men arguing over who is the father. As Asa and Will determine to find the real father, an accident delays Asa’s leaving of Willow Ridge. During his stay he finds himself falling head over heels in love with Edith and day dreaming of being a family with her and the babies. Can Asa make his dream come true or will a deep dark secret ruin his dreams?

I am enjoying seeing writers of Amish fiction stepping outside of the box and writing more about real life problems we all face no matter if we are Amish or “Englishers”. At the beginning of this book we learn that the babies mother had relations before marriage and tricked her husband into marriage. We all know how common this story is to the “English” world but rarely hear or read about it in the Amish world. Hubbard does an excellent job of tackling this difficult story line while maintaining the strong Christian values of Amish life.

Even with the sensitive subject Hubbard is able to tell the story without explicit scenes or language. If you are a fan of Amish fiction but want more meat to the story line pick up a copy of A Simple Vow today. I think you will enjoy.

The second book in the series, A Simple Wish, comes out on September 26, 2017. I’m looking forward to seeing how this series progresses.

Side note: If you have read The Seasons of the Heart series, the Simple Gifts series is a spin-off taking place in the same town of Willow Ridge.

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