Assaulted Caramel by Amanda Flower

assaulted caramel.jpg

Pages: 352

Publisher: Kensington

Published: August 29,2017

Grab your favorite box of chocolates and curl up in your most comfy chair. You will be craving the most ooey gooey confections you can dream of while you read about Bailey’s adventures in Holmes County, Ohio.

Bailey has fled NYC at the most critical point in her career to check on her Daadi (grandfather) after a phone call from her Maami (grandmother) stating he was not doing well. As Bailey arrives she sees her Daadi and another man exchanging words and her Daadi collapsing on the sidewalk. She learns that the other man is Tyson Colton and he wants to buy her Daadi’s building where he owns and runs Swissmen Sweets. Later that night Bailey finds Tyson dead in the kitchen of Swissmen’s with her Daadi’s prized fudge knife through his chest. Can Bailey clear her and her grandparents of the murder before she has to return NYC and claim her job as head chocolatier for JP Chocolates?

I am so excited for this new series by one of my favorite cozy authors. Her knowledge and love of the Amish shine through her writing. I can always guarantee when I read one of her books I will gain new friends. Bailey and her grandparents warm their way into your heart by the end of chapter one. You want to jump into the story and help Bailey find the killer.

I an idea of the killer’s identity but was completely taken by surprise when the killer was revealed. That right there makes it a great cozy. I will put this warning out there: grab some tissues as you will need them. I was not expecting to bawl like a baby.

The second book, Lethal Licorice, comes out on February 27,2018 and you can bet I will be reading at 12:01am when it downloads to my kindle.

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