The Space Between Words by Michèle Phoenix

the space betwwen words

Pages: 336

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Published: September 5, 2017

It takes a lot for a book to set me back on my heels and go speechless. This book did exactly that in a way that I’m still finding it hard to put my thoughts into words.

Jessica has flown from Denver to France to visit her roommate Patrick. Their plan is to tour the countryside looking for antiques. A change in plans and a snap decision alter their lives forever. When Jessica finds an old wooden box with a secret compartment filled with a mysterious letter she finds herself exploring memories she would rather forget.

Knowing the story has true events told in a fictional manner makes the story resonate more with you as the reader. You find yourself cringing with fright and wiping away salty tears of anguish as Jessica navigates her way back to a sense of normalcy.

Take a moment and read The Space Between Words and see if you don’t fall in love with Jessica like I did. You may just find your new heroine.

Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas Nelson for an ARC to read in exchange for my honest opinion in my own words.

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