Silvia’s Rose by Jerry S. Eicher (Peace in the Valley #1)

silvias rose

Pages: 352

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

Published: August 1, 2017

Do you trust God enough to direct you toward your soul mate? Do you trust God enough to lead you to another great love after you’ve been widowed? These are the great questions that Arlene, Joseph, Isaiah and Esther must answer.

Esther and her daughter move to the Amish district where Isaiah is a minister. Esther must trust that Isaiah is the husband she longs for and the dad that her daughter needs. Will a disagreement over flowers derail their love?

Joseph moves to the district with his son after his wife died from cancer. Arlene has her heart on saving him and his son from starvation and a dirty house by making Joseph fall in love with her. Can their love bloom through the harshness of Arlene’s words about his love of roses?

I’ve not read much of Jerry S. Eicher so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I enjoyed this book. The writing is easy to read and the plot moves between the two romances seamlessly. This is a clean romance for any teen or adult.

Thank you to NetGalley and Harvest House Publishers for a free ARC copy for my own honest review.

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