Town in a Wild Moose Chase (A Candy Holliday Murder Mystery #3) by B.B. Haywood

wild moose chase

Pages: 322

Publisher: Berkley

Published: February 7, 2012

Cape Willington, Maine in the middle of winter is as interesting as it is in the summer. Candy finds herself in the middle of another mystery in the first 20 pages of the book.

Candy is working at home when the local hermit stumbles onto Blueberry Acres with a head injury claiming there is a body in the woods. As she tries to get him help, he vanishes without a trace and so does the body. Can Candy find the hermit and the body and solve the case or will she be too busy trying to solve her relationship status with Ben, her boss and boyfriend? Does his mysterious actions have anything to do with the missing body or is he involved in something he shouldn’t be?

The Candy Holliday Murder Mystery series has captured my attention from the beginning because there is something different about it. I cannot quite put my finger on it except that it works. There is romance but only a subtle hint which I like. If I want a lot of romance I will read a romance novel. Candy is not an overly strong female protagonist. She is your hometown sweetheart that goes the extra mile to help others out.

I am very interested to see how this series will grow especially after the last few pages of this book. The cliffhanger is very intriguing.

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